We Shall Go to Queens!

Sadly, this is what many a born and raised Manhattanite, like myself, thinks of Queens: “Sure I’ve been to Queens. Shea stadium, Rockaway, Astoria, PS1. Great borough.” Turns out that there is way more to Queens than the hip pockets of commerce, art, and food that I’ve previously enjoyed. There are actually lots of unique hoods in Queens and people live and work in them! Much of the borough is still undiscovered country to the hipster-elite, which makes it a refreshingly diverse kind of awesome. Not to mention that it has Amazing (yup, capital A) pizza.

We drove out Bayside to stop by VI Pizzeria, where we got to try one the best Sicilian slices on the planet, and talk to a guy who always eats pizza before going to the gym. VI has been around for decades, and the co-owner Louis, refused to let us take his photo without his partner there. Now that’s loyalty. We got you next time.

From Bayside, we rolled west on 495 and hopped on the Van Wyck to get to Amore Pizzeria, in what I guess I would call, Downtown Flushing. This joint is shouting distance to the Van Wyck on the way to the Whitestone Bridge, located in a strip mall, where it lives with a Pathmark, a liquor store that uses old Pathmark letters for its sign, a Carvel, several hucksters pushing DVDs in the parking lot, a drive-thru falafel stand, and a check cashing spot…among others. According to Andy, the pizzaman running the show for over 39 years, Amore is at the crossroads of America, with Citi FIeld just a stone’s throw away, and traffic from the Whitestone Bridge and LaGuardia and Kennedy Airports constantly bringing people through the shop.

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Source:: NY Pizza Project