Dani’s Pizza – “We have all the beers.”

We were all geared up for a big Queens pizza trip this Saturday, but car trouble, crappy weather, traffic, and fate all had other ideas. We eventually made it out to Howard Beach, but the folks at New Park wouldn’t let us shoot photos and asked us to come back another time. Same with the staff at Alfie’s in Richmond Hill. Both places serve up solid slices, and are worth checking out.

Lucky for us, we saved the best for last: Dani’s Pizza in Kew Gardens, Queens.

Dani’s is unassuming. It’s signage is more 80’s Miami nightclub than old school Queens pizzeria. Inside we were greeted by some of the friendliest, most jovial pizzamakers around. Yes, they said, take all the photos you want.

One of the pizzamakers, Cesar, has been making pizza for 12 years. It only took him two days to learn how though.

I started washing dishes, watching all those guys make pizza. Then they told me to start, and I think that’s why I learned so quickly. I was watching, and when it comes to make it, I make it.

Also, notice all that beer behind Cesar!

We have all the beers. Some times, around October, we have 70 or 80 different beers.

The owner don’t drink, he just like to have the customers have it. The customers come, they just love it…pizza and beer, pizza and beer.

There’s a bar on the corner over here, they close around 1 o’clock, so they’re drunk, they come over here to eat pizza and drink beer.

Also, this happened:

Customer: ‘I’ll have a Wittenberger’

Cesar: ‘Amigo, get this guy a cheeseburger and a Corona’

Basit, a local kid who moved to Flushing after growing up a few blocks from Dani’s, has seen the neighborhood around Dani’s develop.

I used to live right up …read more

Source:: NY Pizza Project