Sottocasa Pizzeria

298 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201

When I read about Sottocasa being called one of the most underrated pizza spots in New York it added to my budding intrigue, especially since it was on a list with South Brooklyn Pizza which I particularly love, so I made it a point to check it out.

And what better companion would there be than a fellow pizza blogger? Jason Feirman, of the blog I Dream of Pizza, and I had been e-introduced in light of his NYC pizza run and it only made sense to go on a pizza eating expedition together and to a place neither of us had covered so I suggested we try Sottocasa.


Upon arriving, it was clear the restaurant was far from busy — a relief for a hungry pair of pizza lovers. We were seated in the covered outdoor space which was an expansion since the launch of the pizzeria in 2011. The owner, Luca Arrigoni, came to NYC from Milan and previously worked under Neopolitan pizza master Roberto Caporuscio of Kestè, to learn the craft. The idea behind Sottocasa is to not only serve authentic Italian pizza but to make you feel at home as the name itself implies. Sotto is Italian for under, and casa means home, but it’s “less about a physical location and more about a feeling,” the site explains.

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Source:: For The Love of Pizza