Di Fara Pizza


1424 Avenue J
Brooklyn, NY 11230

Many people looking for great New York pizza may not venture outside Manhattan to find it. I’m even guilty of this myself. But after reading flawless reviews of Di Fara’s Pizza in Midwood, Brooklyn it was finally time to check this place out. My only regret? Not doing it sooner.

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This past week, Jason Feirman, of the blog I Dream of Pizza, and I headed out to Avenue J to experience the magic of Di Fara’s. The famous pizzeria is run by none other than Dom DeMarco who makes every pie by hand and has been doing it for the last 45(!) years. But DeMarco doesn’t just make pizza, he puts his heart and soul into every pie. Using the finest, freshest ingredients: San Marzano tomatoes, fresh hand-pulled mozzarella, grated Parmigiano, fresh basil and only the best Italian olive oil, DeMarco layers the ingredients, cuts the basil by hand and serves each pie with confidence and complete affection.

Jason and I waited only thirty minutes for a classic, plain Margherita pie which was nothing compared to wait times of two hours or more which they’ve been known to have. The space itself was closed for a private party but the take out window was open for business since we made it in time for the 6-8:30 dinner hour.

What ensued was nothing short of life-changing. The first bite was a tantalizing mix of flavors. The thin crust was perfectly cooked and the fresh basil combined with the melted mozzarella, slightly tangy tomato sauce and sprinkled Parmigiano for the most well-balanced bite. Every pie gets a drizzle of olive oil as well which added to the robust flavor — simply mouthwatering to think about even days later.

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Source:: For The Love of Pizza