Review: Malvern Pizza & Beer, Malvern PA

For an office event, a colleague brought in several pizzas from Malvern Pizza & Beer. The pies were well-received, and I had the chance to take several slices home to re-heat and evaluate.

I had one slice of pepperoni, two mushroom, and several plain. I added some Chianti-infused slices of hard salami to the plain slices. I heated them on a perforated pan for about 10 minutes, then gave them a few minutes under the broiler for top browning. I did not eat any of the pizza when it was first delivered, but I’m pretty sure my re-heat improved it from its original state.

This pizza has an appearance that is different than the typical storefront pizza joint. The crust had a big thick cornicione on it, and for a moment I thought it might be Greek style. However, one bite disspelled that notion. The crust was thick, yet crisp, light, and very airy. I first felt the crust was akin to a thinner, round, Sicilian crust, but in fact this crust has more in common with the “bakery style” crust found on Philly region tomato pies.

You can click HERE for a full primer on varieties of tomato pie, but the Philly version (aka “Conshy” tomato pie) is a rectangular “pizza” made typically at a bakery, cooked in a pan, with a thick yet light and airy crust that may or may not be crisp. It’s generally meant to be eaten at room temperature, and it is topped with a lot of sauce and little to no cheese.

I haven’t verified it, but this pizza seems to have been cooked in a round pan, with some oil underneath to give it crispness. I enjoyed the texture of this crust, and it was sufficiently …read more

Source:: Pizza Quixote