211 First Avenue
New York, NY 10003

When people ask me for my favorite pizza in all of New York there are two places that I always mention: Di Fara and Luzzo’s. But don’t misunderstand. They could not be more different. Di Fara is unique for many reasons and is an example of true New York pizza. Dominic DeMarco is a testament to that. But Luzzo’s… Luzzo’s is truly authentic Neapolitan pizza. So much so that I didn’t even know about it until my dad returned home from Italy.

My first question to him: Did you make it to Naples? And, for several reasons including a few of which the New York Times hit on weeks ago, he did not. But he did come back with was a recommendation from Italian locals to check out a place in New York City that matched the style of pizza found in Naples. He was given a business card for Luzzo’s and this past October we went there for the first time and I’ve already gone back two times since! Once with my boyfriend on a quest to get him to agree it’s the “best ever” and once again this past weekend with my dad and step mom who love it so much we had to return. Take a look and you’ll see why…

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Source:: For The Love of Pizza