Arcaro and Genell – Old Forge

A&G – BIGGER and Better Than Ever

When I first started this website more than 2 years ago, of course one of the first locations I went to was the Pizza Capital of the World – Old Forge. There are several heavyweight pizzerias to consider in town with some serious national recognition. Both Revello’s and Arcaro and Genell (among others) have made national best pizza in the state and country lists over the years so why wouldn’t I buy into the hype and head there? I’ve been back several times to review some of the other popular pizzerias and all have been wonderful if you are into this genre of pizza. If you check out my last review of A&G, you will see that I liked it, but it wasn’t the best single pizza I’ve had from there, so I was back for more because I know how good their pizza can be.

When I arrived, I was surprised to see a much, much different looking building than when I last saw it. There appeared to be a large addition to the left side, and as I approached the building I noticed that there was a very exciting addition to the right side – 2 BOCCE BALL courts and what looked to be the beginning of an outdoor patio! You all know that I love pizza, but I really love playing bocce, so if I ever get the chance to combine the two I’ll be back soon! I was dining in the large banquet room for lunch and noticed that room had been updated pretty significantly as well. I was in heaven just chilling out in my new surroundings, but I had a job to do, …read more