Olde Brooke Inn – Moscow

The Olde Brook Inn – Revived and Slinging Great Wood-Fired Pizza!

The Olde Brook Inn is a brand new place that I came across at a party with some friends. I heard word of an old tavern which was completely gutted, renovated, and given a new life in the Moscow area. I was told about the latest place to offer gourmet pizza cooked in a wood fired oven and that’s all I needed to hear to venture down with a group of friends. Now I’ve been to hundreds and hundreds of restaurants around NEPA, and many of them would be characterized as very nice, immaculate, clean, brand new, etc, but when we pulled up to the Olde Brook, I have to say I was completely blown away by my surroundings. First of all, the place is gigantic, and every last detail from the porch to the patio, to the dining rooms, to the several bars, to the bathrooms, all the way down to the Rathskellar in the basement looks brand new and in pristine condition.

Our group attended on a busy Saturday night about a week after the place opened, so the restaurant was absolutely mobbed with happy diners and people socializing everywhere. I don’t know what the history of the building is, but it was amazing to see such an old place be brought back to life and thriving once again. While waiting for our table, we took an informal tour through the place and scoped out each room, each one more inviting than the next. I thought to myself that every seat in the place created its own unique and warm experience whether I felt like chilling on the deck next to the open flame fireplace and heaters, downstairs in the …read more