The Hole in the Wall, Perry

I’m not sure how I discovered this, but some time ago I ran across a reference to The Hole in the Wall restaurant in Perry, serving wood-fired pizza.
Now that name caught my eye, because I remember as a little kid having a meal at least one time in the Hole in the Wall, which back then was located in the two- or three-block “business district” along Main Street in Perry. I remember the name more than the place, but as I recall it, it was aptly named, small, with good food, but mostly of the diner variety: burgers, sandwiches, and so on.
So a new, relocated Hole in the Wall? With wood-fired pizza, no less? Pizza or no, I had to check this out.
And so my wife and I went one night, recently, for dinner at The Hole in the Wall. And were we glad we did.
This was a far different Hole in the Wall from what I remembered going to as a kid. The new incarnation of the HlTW is not on Main Street, but is down a side street leading to nearby Silver Lake. It’s also much bigger than what I remember.
While the building itself is rather nondescript, it was clear upon entering that the owners are aiming for something higher than than the diner of my youth. The interior has an airy, comfortable feel, with high ceilings and a muted color scheme. Add a few sunburned guys in polo shirts and khaki shorts, and this could’ve been the clubhouse at a local country club.
I wasn’t surprised to see that the owners weren’t trying to replicate the atmosphere of the old HITW, since the original, as good as it was, was one of the last places I would’ve expected to find wood-fired …read more

Source:: Rochester NY Pizza