“Even when it’s not great, it’s still home…especially in the Bronx”

We hit up Riverdale and Kingsbridge in the Bronx in search of an authentic BX experience.

Our search takes us to Dino’s in Riverdale. The place has been around for 30 years. Considering, as eater Joe Provenza told us, that there are 20 to 30 shops in Riverdale alone, Dino’s longevity is noteworthy.

Joe went on to tell us about a feeling that every New Yorker gets when on a sojourn from the city:

I was born and raised in the neighborhood. I’ve been living all over the Bronx. I was out in California for five years. Just moved back. I’ve been looking forward to getting some New York pizza, man. I was just in India and Qatar, and kept telling myself, “first thing I do when I get back is getting some pizza.”

Next we landed at Broadway Pizza & Pasta where we met owner, John.

John reminds us that running a pizza joint isn’t always gravy (no pun). John bought the place with his dad when he was just 23. Now he can’t seem to shake it:

Mentally, I was still a kid. When we bought it back in ‘01, what was I? I was 23. I was still a kid. You know I was excited to own my own business, even though I did a lot better not having a business. I used to work for Mercedes. I used to build cars. I’m into the car scene. Then I came here and instead of putting 12 hours into what I love, I came here and got headaches. You can’t make everyone happy, you know that, right?

Just up the block from John’s shop in Kingsbridge is Sam’s Pizza which may be the oldest shop we have come across in our years of pizza journeys.

Anesti, the owner here took over …read more

Source:: NY Pizza Project