Nonno’s Pizza – Moosic

Nonno’s – The Primier Pizzeria Location That You Don’t Know About

As a lifelong resident of NEPA, I’ve frequented Montage Mountain for decades and prided myself on knowing every single store and restaurant on the mountain. I also pride myself on knowing where the greatest new pizza hot spots are with the help of the NEPA Nation. When someone dropped me an email that there was a new pizzeria in Moosic, specifically Montage Mountain, I assumed they were talking about the Gourmet Slice in the Shoppes, but upon follow up I discovered that was not the location. Even after the location was explained to me I was still a bit confused, but after investigating with my first lady a bit, we discovered that Nonno’s was actually in the building which housed a couple of Italian Restaurants near Ruby Tuesdays and Johnny Rockets. After figuring out where we were going and actually arriving at Nonno’s I was totally stoked because I had never been to this location by any name, let alone a new pizzeria! We parked in the giant lot and walked up to the grand entrance noting the neat looking patio out back.

We walked in to find a huge dining room with old world Italian themed decor, a full bar, private dining rooms, and a ton of booths and tables to sit at. I was very impressed with the sheer size of this place and I was totally shocked that I had never taken the time to visit before. Since we came at an off-peak hour, we got to pick any seat in the house so we went with the outdoor seating with impressive views overlooking PNC Field, home of the SWB Rail Riders, and a breathtaking mountain scape …read more