Review: Lombardi’s Pizza (Spring St), Manhattan, NY

America has some famous, long-standing, iconic pizzerias. Because most of them are on the east coast, I’ve visited many of the established giants of pizza (click on any for the full review and pictures) —

  • Our pie at Lombardi’s in Little Italy. Click any pic to enlarge

    When any restaurant morphs into an icon mentioned in travel guides, there must be a lot of challenges in meeting the increased demand while maintaining the quality.

    At DiFara, for instance, there has been no compromise. Dom DeMarco (age 79) bakes every pie himself; when Dom isn’t there, no pies. And he works in one tiny kitchen with a double oven.

    Dom DeMarco, at DiFara

    Other legends, like Grimaldi’s, have franchised the recipe and expanded to multiple locations. Trenton’s shining star, DeLorenzo’s Tomato Pies, now operates out of a much larger restaurant in nearby Robbinsville NJ. The pizza is still world class, but with so many more hands involved in the production, a bit of the magic has worn off. Still, it seems like a decent trade-off to make this wonderful pie available to so many more people.

    Lombardi’s expanded to occupy the neighboring space on Spring Street, so it is a big pizza restaurant. When we went on a lovely August Saturday afternoon, we faced a relatively easy 20 minute wait for a table (I’ve waited two hours in sweltering heat for a DiFara pie). The restaurant employs a lot of hosts and servers, and I imagine quite a few in the kitchen, too. Can it still deliver pizza worthy of the heritage and legend?



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