Review: Tony Boloney’s, Hoboken NJ

Because we at Pizza Quixote can’t eat every pizza in America, we’re glad to get guest reviews. Recently, a colleague visited Hoboken, ate some good pie, and brought some back to share. Let’s get her thoughts first and then my perspective about the re-heated slices I was privileged to enjoy in my own kitchen.

“Arugula Smokeout” pie – click on this or any pic for full size resolution image

Sunny’s Guest Review

“I was in Hoboken, NJ to see a family member few weeks ago. While I was in town, I decided to stop at Tony Boloney’s sub and pizza shop. Hoboken is their second location; the original shop is in Atlantic City, NJ. I have tried different subs and their Brussels sprouts pizza in the AC location and remembered it being good, so I decided to order one.
Guest reviewer Sunny and husband Rob

“The Royal Balls pie has roasted Brussels sprouts on top of smoked mozzarella with truffle butter. I didn’t taste much of the smokiness of the mozzarella cheese, but there is definitely a dominant flavor of the truffle butter. It was as good as I remembered and I loved the roasted Brussels sprouts with crispy outer layers.

“Royal Balls” Brussels sprout pie

“After finishing the Brussels sprouts pizza, my husband and I decided to get a second pie and agreed on the Arugula Smokeout. Just like the name, the pizza had arugula topping all over it but the added lemon and Parmesan cheese made it even better. Obviously, this isn’t something you want to take to go because of the arugula. However because it was so good, we didn’t mind packing up what was leftover and eat it for late night snack. This is …read more

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