Joe’s Brooklyn Pizza $30 Giveaway

It’s been quite awhile since I ran a giveaway, but thanks to the generosity of the guys at Joe’s Brooklyn Pizza, that’s now remedied. One week from today, some lucky reader of this blog will win a Joe’s gift card worth $30. That’ll buy plenty off Joe’s menu – say, a 19″ large, classic cheese pie with a side of wings, or a 32-slice sheet of thick Sicilian pizza.
And don’t ignore Joe’s tempting lineup of specialty pies. On my latest visit, I tried one of Joe’s latest creations: a white pie with black garlic and fresh figs.
I’ve seen figs on pizza menus before, and I’ve even tried them at home, with chopped dried figs, which turned out pretty well.
Now I know that not everybody’s a fan of figs. But a lot of people are also only familiar with the dried variety.
Fresh figs are qualitatively different. It’s like the difference between a plump, juicy grape and a raisin. You can find them, sometimes, in the produce section of the supermarket. They’re expensive (I think I’ve paid $6 for four of them before), but worth it.
And they worked very well here. The figs were sweet, but not cloyingly so. They both complemented and contrasted with the aromatic and flavorful black garlic, making for a surprisingly good combination. I’ve said many times that great pizza is all about balance, and this one beautifully straddled the line between sweet and savory.

By the way, I should mention that, whatever you order, if you choose to eat it on the premises, Joe’s now offers several beers on tap to enjoy with your meal, including locally brewed Naked Dove, and, of course, several offerings from Brooklyn Brewery. Look for the lineup to change on …read more

Source:: Rochester NY Pizza