Top 10 Pizzerias for Pizza Snobs in and Around Scranton

NEPA has such a diverse selection of pizzas that fit every person’s unique tastes. We have hundreds of variations of just about every genre of pizza imaginable which makes NEPA what I consider to be the best place for pizza on the planet. The biggest knock on NEPA that I hear from people (usually those from New York, eh hem) is that the pizza is not as good as XYZ area. Those people are usually pizza snobs, and where I enjoy just about all pizza – I have to consider myself a bit of a snob at times as well. I clamor for high quality imported ingredients, dough made from scratch, pizza prepared the right way, and cooked with care in a high-end oven. Of course that is not all that goes into a pizza snob’s preferences, but you get the idea. If you are looking for a little more than your above average pizza and a pizza that’s a cut above the rest, these are the top 10 places you will find what you are looking for:

Amberdonia Bakery – Dickson City
Home of the best wood fired pizza in NEPA! Stop in at their Dickson City or Scranton location for a flavorful and tasty treat! Rated 5 stars here on this very website!
New York Style, Grandma, and many other gourmet pizzas done right by the friendliest family owners around! I love the NY style, but the brooklyn and grandma are breathtaking as well.
Basilico’s Pizzeria – Dickson City
For many pizza snobs I talk to, Basilico’s is the standard-bearer for high quality New York Style and gourmet pizzas. The pizza montanaro is a hidden menu item that I highly recommend (click …read more