The Best Style of Egg for Every Type of Sad Dinner (Ain’t No Shame)


Real talk: You’re not going to whip up a gorgeous, Instagram-worthy, three-course dinner every night of the week. And neither are we. Most nights, we’re gonna heat up some leftover takeout rice, slice up some cold steak, or, yeah, just toast some bread. That’s perfectly fine. But if you want to take things to the next level (i.e. make your dinner a little less sad), all you have to do is put an egg on it. Or in it. Heck, any way you involve an egg is guaranteed success. You know this already.

But when should you scramble ‘em? When is a fried egg ideal? What foods really need a poached egg? George Weld, chef and owner of Egg, Brooklyn’s obsessive homage to the incredible, edible protein, has the answers. Here’s his guide for making even the saddest dinners better.

Three-Day Old Takeout Pizza: Baked
“You can dress up even crappy pizza by baking an egg onto the slice as you reheat it. Just cook until the white is set—that should give enough time to get the slice hot. It’d be especially good on a slice with spicy meats like soppressata or pepperoni.”

The Second Half of That Grain Bowl You Ordered for Lunch (Last) Tuesday: Medium-Boiled Egg
“This will look nice sliced open; that big gold coin of a yolk against the small grains of rice or farro—and it’ll break up into the grains and dress them as you eat.”

Shrimp Fried Rice. Put a (scrambled) egg on it. Photo: Gentl & Hyers

Congealed Fried Rice From Last Night’s Takeout Binge: Semi-Scrambled or Sunny-Side Up
“For fried rice, whisking the egg and throwing it in at the end of cooking—going the classic egg-and-fried-rice route—is still hard to beat. But if you fry the rice hard, so that it gets a little …read more

Source:: Bon Appetit