Review: Sirianni’s Pizza Cafe, Davis WV

In the mountains of West Virginia, the small town of Davis features a main drag with a handful of restaurants that cater to tourists and the locals. During our short stay at Black Bear Resort in the Canaan Valley, we ate twice at Sausage, roasted red peppers, asiago

We were lucky to be in the company of a West Virginia native who had visited the region before; he knew not only the best trails to hike and mountains to climb, but the dining options too. At Sirianni’s, we experienced a cozy and busy dining room, even early in the evening on a summer week night.

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William Ave in the Canaan Valley

For our party of four, we ordered two medium pies (about 11″) and one small 9″ pepperoni pizza. One medium was a simple margherita with fresh basil, and the other was a regular pie with three additional toppings: asiago cheese, Italian sausage, and roasted red peppers.

Pepperoni pizza


The “small” salads that we ordered were in fact huge, but so good and fresh that we easily devoured them. Sirianni’s also has a modest wine and beer selection (but no liquor). The pizzas arrived quickly thereafter. The small pie was personal sized, but just right for each of us to get a sample.

Pepperoni slice

Nice char underneath

Each pizza sported a medium-thick puffy crust. It had a nice golden color outside, decent char on the edges and underside, and a pale white-bread interior. The corniciones were massive in relation …read more

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