7 Reasons Not to Open a Pizzeria

opening a pizzeria

After eight years of writing for the the pizza industry, I’ve learned a lot of reasons why the average person should think twice about opening a pizzeria. Despite what the layperson may think, it’s far from a way to get rich quick.

Reason #1: It’s Hard Work!
The average pizza lover often looks at running a pizza shop as something fun they’d like to do when they “retire.” Let me tell you, hearing it from the operators I’ve talked to, running a pizzeria is a 24/7 business.

Reason #2: There’s More Liability Involved
Pizzerias require more insurance than regular restaurants because they’re seen as a risk due to drivers carrying cash and making “fast” deliveries.

Reason #3: The Price of Cheese is Constantly Changing
Over the past few years the price of cheese, one of pizza’s most popular ingredients, has gone up and down like a roller coaster, making it hard to keep a steady menu price.

Reason #4: The Competition is Intense
With more than 70,000 pizzerias in America, the competition, including those who will offer a similar product for half–or even a fourth–of your price, grows every day!

Reason #5: Staff is Transient
While this holds true for every restaurant, pizzerias also lose delivery drivers regularly when they have car/license troubles, etc.

Reason #6: You Will Work for Free
For those who enjoy a steady paycheck, starting a pizzeria will be a rude awakening. As with any startup, you will do all of the grunt work and make no money–likely for years.

Reason #7: Your Friends and Family Will Visit You at the Pizzeria
This one may read as a plus at first, but in reality, the pizzeria is the only place people will be able to visit you anymore, because that’s where you will be–all the time. For the first couple of years in business, most pizzeria operators have to …read more

Source:: The Pizza Insider