Review: Binge House Pizza, Downingtown PA

What is a dream opportunity for a pizza writer? A feature story for a national publication? AThe brilliant Old Forge – Detroit hybrid pizza from Binge House

James Oley is a guy who genuinely loves pizza. He is he creative force behind the Keystone Pizza Critic blog. Now, he’s beginning to leverage his accumulated pizza knowledge; he’s making pizza at home and giving it away so that he can gather feedback as he explores entering the pizzamaking business. He’s calling it Binge House Pizza; learn more at Facebook.com/BingeHousePizza.

First, my review of the pie he made for me, and then some excerpts of my interview with him.

Fresh out of the oven

James is using a conventional oven and baking rectangular pies in deep pans designed for pan pizza. Let’s not confuse his pie, though, with Chicago-style pan pizza or deep-dish. At first glance, his pizza looks like a Sicilian pie, but the crust is about half-way between the thickness of a conventional round pizza and a thick Sicilian.

Ready for home re-heating

As he describes in the interview, it’s a hybrid pie that has elements of Old Forge (PA) pizza and Detroit style pizza. Both of those are pan-baked rectangular pies, cut into squares.

The pizza was just coming out of the oven when I arrived for mine, and James sliced it and boxed it. I was immediately struck by the crispy caramelized cheese along the outer edges, and the plentiful cups of curled pepperoni riding on top. My home was about 15 minutes away; I ate one slice right away, and re-heated the rest in my oven (on a perforated pizza pan) to share with the family about an hour later.

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Source:: Pizza Quixote