Savor Summer with Charlie Bird Chef Ryan Hardy

When summer rolls around, we try to hold onto that carefree feeling and make it last forever. Sun-drenched days. Backyard barbecues. Rooftop cocktails. And that breezy vacation mindset set to music. You know, every good summer party needs a great soundtrack—it’s just as important as what you serve. Have fun with it: make your own playlist, or pick one with a spot-on theme, then press play and rock on.

There’s no better person to tap for inspiration than Ryan Hardy. With a deep-rooted passion for entertaining, the executive chef of Charlie Bird has mastered the art of organically fusing food with music—whether at his hip hop-fueled SoHo spot or epic celeb-studded Hamptons bashes. Not many people can make refined Italian-American cuisine, 90’s rap, and pop art boombox décor work so well together.

Check out the unique way Ryan is rockin’ the NYC restaurant scene (with another place opening soon!) and plans to carry that chill, summertime mentality into fall.

How do you conquer summer entertaining?

Hospitality is the missing element when entertaining. We’ve all been invited to someone’s home where there’s no food, no wine, and you see the host digging in the fridge—it’s a little shocking. Once I was actually given a box of lobsters and asked to cook dinner when I arrived at a party! Give some thought before you host a get together. In the summer, chill the rosé, have the stems ready, open some oysters, and have diced fish to make a refreshing ceviche. If you want to impose on a guest to make lobsters, at least you’ve started the game.

What type of music should people play when entertaining at home?

Music mirrors the host—what we play shows our style, our influences, and our moves. Choose it confidently and never worry about the guests you invite. Charlie Bird posts …read more

Source:: Bon Appetit