26 of the Coolest, Tastiest Restaurant Trends We Spotted In 2015


Our search for the nation’s best restaurants revealed far more—like croissants gone wild and a tropical wallpaper boom. Here’s a look at the coolest, tastiest trends we uncovered in 2015.



Where’s the Beet?

Vegetables are no stranger to the spotlight these days. The latest MVP? The humble beet, which can do anything that pork, chicken, or beef can do. See: the Whole Roasted Beet at Cockscomb in San Francisco; the Beet Tartare at 492 in Charleston, SC; and the Beet Bourguignon at Rebelle in NYC.


Photo: Jude Goergen/Courtesy Sink | Swim


Rope ‘Em In

The obvious way to anchor a nautical theme? Knotted boating line, used to decorate dining spaces (and, yes, to occasionally wrap too-hot-to-lean-on radiator pipes) at seafood-heavy spots like Lupulo in NYC and Sink | Swim in Chicago.


Photo: Ted Cavanaugh


Supermarket Sweep

Are we in a restaurant or a Costco aisle? Here’s how chefs are making magic with some of the world’s least sexy ingredients:

Button mushrooms at Aldine in Philadelphia, thinly sliced raw, sheltering beef medallions / Old Bay at Fred’s Meat & Bread in Atlanta, dusting killer fries / Boursin at Helm in Philadelphia, stepping in for goat cheese in a salad with beets and peppers / Ranch Dressing at L.A.’s Madcapra. Their “Ranchy” Labneh Dip acts as homemade Hidden Valley

Get the Recipe: “Ranchy” Labneh Dip


Photo: Alex Lau


The Best Seat in the House

After years of stiff benches and backless chairs, the booth is back. We’re sitting pretty in the sleek green mammoths designed by Roman and Williams at NYC’s Upland (above), minimalist white oak ones at <a class="colorbox" rel="nofollow" …read more

Source:: Bon Appetit