Christina Tosi Ate 14 Hours a Day While Judging ‘MasterChef,’ Loves Double Stuf Oreos


The Milk Bar pastry queen and MasterChef judge on the challenges of reality TV and her biggest disappointment in the kitchen (hint: it involves gummi bears).


Age 33

Hometown Springfield, VA

Favorite cereal
Lucky Charms

Just the marshmallows?
Only sometimes

Hangover cure
Water and an everything bagel

Pastry trend she’s over
Enough with the bacon

Why make the move to TV?
I thought it’d be a great challenge. I wanted to see if I could do it and be a role model for others in the industry.

Did you have to create a niche for yourself as a judge, Randy-Paula-Simon style?
I was doing a talk the other day, and someone introduced me as a ‘scary but nice’ judge. I’m not scary in the kitchen unless you’re not using your full potential. But you gotta be a straight shooter. That’s what it’s like in the kitchen.

How do you balance between critical and constructive?
That part is tricky, especially for a girl. Sometimes it feels like you’re just complaining or being mean. I try to remain as true to myself as possible. And that means celebrating the successes without being afraid to point out the failures.

Most memorable challenge to film?
Two cooks had to make Milk Bar’s Chocolate Malt Cake. It is no easy feat. Some Milk Bar cooks have to wait three months before we teach them how to make it; these cooks have 90 minutes. It really was mission impossible. People who watch these shows should bow down to these home cooks.

How do you juggle TV and Milk Bar?
I usually come home on weekends, and I touch base with the team every morning during hair and makeup. I had my own mini office in my dressing room. I do think my team loves being like, ‘Go, Mom, get the heck out of here.’ But Milk Bar is what I wake …read more

Source:: Bon Appetit