Old Italy, Latta Road

I recently learned that Old Italy Pizza opened on Latta Road in Greece. This spot in a small strip plaza has seen several pizzerias come and go over the years, including Paulie’s, Grande Amore, and apparently one that I missed entirely, Fosterino’s. When a certain type of business keeps failing in the same place, I start to wonder if it’s just a bad location, but we’ll see.
I stopped into Old Italy recently at lunchtime for a couple of slices. It was a good deal – two slices and a can of pop for $4.50.
The slices were decent, if unspectacular. The crust was medium thick, with an underside that was lightly browned and crisscrossed by screen marks. The edge was formed into a thin cornicione, and its texture seemed a bit “tough,” suggesting that it was made from high-gluten flour. That’s commonly used in pizza, and it has its advantages, but it can yield a somewhat tough, chewy texture.
The slices were well balanced, with a layer of melted, just-browned mozzarella, and some small cheeseless spots. The moderately applied sauce was pretty basic, with some tomatoey sweetness, a bit of salt, and a faint herbal background. The thin, wide slices of pepperoni were average.
To quote from its menu, Old Italy “take[s] pride in [its] daily made fresh dough, house made sauces, hand battered chicken fingers, fresh cut French fries and [its] fresh ingredients.” They offer ten specialty pizzas, and all their regular comes in small, medium, large and sheet sizes. They also do wings, available in no less than 15 varieties (!), calzones, hot subs, “plates,” salads and sides.
A reader reported that a pizza he got from Old Italy was one of the best he’s had in the area. I don’t …read more

Source:: Rochester NY Pizza