Review: Via 313 Pizzeria, Austin TX

Not long ago, it was nearly impossible to find pizza worth eating in most cities outside the Northeast. But the ongoing pizza renaissance has brought destination pie to lots of places. Austin – the hippest town in Texas – is one of the best examples.

Transplanted New Yorker Ron with Austin’s Detroit pizza

We had some genuine NYC style slices at Home Slice, superb Neapolitan pie at Pieous, and a great hybrid pizza at St. Philip. Our last stop in Austin was Via 313 Pizzeria, known for its thick rectangular Detroit style pizzas.

Via 313 started out as a food truck operation (and still operates two trailers), but we visited their fairly new brick and mortar sit-down restaurant, situated in an Oak Hill strip mall on the southwest edges of the region. We arrived on a Tuesday night to a very busy but not quite packed restaurant, and we were seated quickly.

The Bar Pie

Via 313 is a cool modern space in a standard suburban setting. Scrutinizing the menu, I was delighted to discover that Via 313 offers bar pies in addition to the Detroit style pizza. Via 313 describes the bar pie this way:

Simple by look, complex by flavor. These thin-crust pies are crispy yet chewy with a cheesy edge, just like its cousin, the Detroit Style. They can be found from Wisconsin to Massachusetts in any number of beer joints, taverns, and tap rooms.

We ordered a 10″ x 14″ (eight slice) Detroit pie with pepperoni, and a bar pie with sausage. Craft beer is big in Texas, and some good local brews are on tap.