3 Deadly Sins That WILL Ruin YOUR Home Pizza Masterpiece!

Great Home Pizza

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The LAST thing you need is a homemade pizza that just doesn’t cut it when you’re entertaining guest or simply making pizza at home for family and friends.

There are 3 main factors (Deadly Sins) that need to be examined with respect to making great pizza at home… especially if you want a great tasting crust. Let’s examine these key elements of home pizza making to insure that your next homemade pizza pie is certainly a success.

1-Dough Selection

2-Oven Temperature

3-Moisture Content

Let’s take a look at these specific factors and how they can contribute to the overall make up of your final pizza masterpiece.

Selection of Dough

Back in Italy when pizza makers select dough, there is a classification system. Flour is classified by way of numbers. 1,0, or 00, refers to how finely ground the flour is and how much of bran and germ have been removed from the final flour product.

To paint a clearer picture of how this works… “00” flour is the most highly refined flour available and is comparable to talcum-powder. Most Italian “ 00” flour is made from Italian grains and sometimes blends of Italian and imported grains to achieve a range of protein somewhere in the 10-12.5% range.

Lucky for us, common brands of 00 flour can be found at the retail level in standard U.S. grocery stores. Several companies produces a close “clone” of the 00 flour (some call it Italian 00 flour) with a protein level of approximately 8.5% which is somewhat lower than the imported Italian 00 flours.

Though it’s not exactly the authentic Italian flour it usually produces good results even though you can expect slight variations from time to time.

This type of flour continues to be very good …read more

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