Ciccino’s, Geneva

As I mentioned in a post last week, I was in Geneva, NY recently, and used the occasion to hit a couple of pizzerias.
One of which was Ciccino’s, which for Rochester-area visitors is conveniently located on Rt. 14 (Exchange St.) just as you get to downtown Geneva.
Ciccino’s is a full-service restaurant, but there’s a separate counter area if you want something to go, with a decent selection of pizza slices.
Since I’d just gotten a cheese slice at Uncle Joe’s, I went with the same here. A reader once complained that I so often order and review “plain cheese,” but (1) I like it, and (2) it provides a good universal standard to compare pizzerias. And this thin, triangular slice made for an interesting contrast with the thicker, square-cut slice I’d gotten from Uncle Joe’s.
I opted to have my slice rewarmed. I’ve found that’s generally a good idea, even if you don’t plan to eat it immediately, as it makes the underside more crisp. I noticed that while Ciccino’s pies were baked in some large deck ovens, my slice was reheated in a small, stand-alone side oven.
I was impressed with the result. The slice was nicely charred underneath, with some surface crackling. The charring added some toasty notes, and the crust had a pleasant chewiness.
Ciccino’s doesn’t call its pizza New York style, but it generally fits into that category. I gave my slice the “fold test” for New York style pizza – can you hold the slice, folded, horizontally, without the tip flopping down? I found that if I held my folded slice at a slight upward angle, the tip would droop down just a little. I don’t mention that to pass judgment on the slice, but only to give you an idea of its …read more

Source:: Rochester NY Pizza