This Awesome Line Cook Wants You to Be Faster and More Efficient in the Kitchen


Line and prep cooks are awesome. They bring the heat night after night, working tirelessly like ninjas with super sharp knives. And when it comes to practical, efficient ways to be a better cook, they’ve got the game on lock. That’s why, twice a month, we’re featuring the tips and tricks badass line or prep cook from a restaurant we love. Welcome to “On the Line.”

John Gullickson of Davidson, North Carolina is the lead line cook at Kindred, the no. 7 pick of our Best New Restaurants 2015 list. He’s only 24, but Davidson native Gullickson has been a part of the team since day one (early spring of 2015). Oh, and his kitchen nickname is “Gullah Gullah Island,” which is a, yes, a nod to the old-school Nickelodeon show.

Gullickson got his start at age 15, making pizzas for the chain restaurant Donatos. “They had this ‘edge-to-edge’ pepperoni pizza,” he says. “and I’d try and shovel as many pepperonis across the pizza as fast and perfectly as I could.” He also had stints working at Moe’s Southwest Grill and the Brick House Tavern before attending the International Culinary Center and working at Manhattan restaurants Aldea, (“one of the best experiences I’ve ever had,”) and Momofuku Ssam Bar. From there, he moved back to Davidson and hooked up with Joe Kindred at local restaurant Rooster’s; the two of them worked together until Kindred left to open his namesake restaurant. When Kindred asked Gullickson to come with, he didn’t hesitate: ”Joe is such a good dude to work for because he teaches the fundamentals that once you nail, you can do bigger, broader stuff.”

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Source:: Bon Appetit