Review: Bazbeaux, Indianapolis

Whenever I visit a new town, I typically investigate the top-ranked pizza places. However, on recent trips to Indianapolis, I didn’t eat much pizza because very few places intrigued me.

My only previous pizza experience here was an ‘okay’ Neapolitan pie at Napolese (where everything else was grade A). I had declined to visit Bazbeaux, considered the signature pie of Indy, because pics and reviews did not seem to promise a “destination” pizza.

Nonetheless, on my third visit to this friendly Midwestern town, I decided I needed to gather hard data and not rely on internet reviews. Bazbeaux in downtown Indy is situated on attractive and quiet Massachusetts Avenue, an easy stroll from the convention center area.

On a warm autumn day, I chose an outside cafe table for my lunchtime visit. The interior was modern and attractive, but it didn’t have that classic pizza-joint vibe you’ll find in gems like Rubino’s in Columbus OH or Lucca Grill in Bloomington, IL.
Interior at Bazbeaux

The staff at Bazbeaux displayed the usual Midwestern friendly attitude; service was excellent. The menu offered a good range of pizza options, and I chose a personal pie topped half with the house made Italian sausage and half with the house-made chorizo. The pie was $7.25, and the meat toppings were an additional $1.40.
A slice with Italian sausage

My pizza came out fairly quickly, and it was a smallish 10″ size. The pizza sported a sturdy medium-thin crust which had a good crisp texture despite being baked on a screen. It was not as thin as a bar pie, but it was flat at the cornicione.
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Source:: Pizza Quixote