Bake to the Future Part II: What We Think We’ll Be Eating in 2045 (and What We Got Wrong About 2015)

Predicting the future is a notoriously tricky business, and though we don’t quite have hoverboards and instantly hydrated pizzas yet, we can’t fault 1989′s Back to the Future Part II for flubbing the details of this particular day three decades later. (In that movie, Oct. 21, 2015, is the date Marty McFly, Doc Brown, and Jennifer Parker time-travel to from 1985 in their flying DeLorean.)

It isn’t any easier to predict the future when you limit yourself to food, either. To prove that point, we gathered predictions from today about how we’ll be eating 30 years in the future. Then we found how experts in the past thought we’d be eating around 2015, and shuffled both sets of predictions together. Judge for yourself: Are today’s predictions about tomorrow any more bizarre or unlikely than yesterday’s predictions about today?

We’ll Say No to Coffee and Tea, Yes to Booze

“I am convinced that within a century coffee, tea, and tobacco will be no longer in vogue. Alcohol, however, will still be used. It is not a stimulant but a veritable elixir of life.”

—Inventor Nicola Tesla, writing in 1937 on life in the early 21st century.

The Word “Organic” Will Cease to Exist

“This might be more of a wish than a prediction, but wouldn’t it be great if the word ‘organic’ didn’t even exist—because no vegetables were ever grown with pesticides, and no animals raised with hormones and antibiotics?”

BA associate web editor Rochelle Bilow, writing yesterday on a cheerier 2045.

We’ll Eat Candy Made From Old Underwear

All food, “even soup and milk are delivered in the form of frozen bricks.” It will never take anyone “more than half an hour to prepare…an elaborate meal of several courses.” The technology will exist to turn cellulose into sugary food, and “discarded paper table ‘linen’ and rayon underwear …read more

Source:: Bon Appetit