Fiorella, Rochester Public Market

On a recent Wednesday evening, I met my friend John Vito for dinner at Fiorella, which opened this past August at the Public Market.
John, as many local foodies will already know, is the author of Food and Stories, which partly documents his history as proprietor of O’Bagelo’s and Baked and Carved, two fondly, and deservedly missed downtown restaurants. His site also provides recipes for some of his most-missed offerings, like his legendary chocolate chip cookies.
Suburbanite that I am, I found it most convenient to go right after work, so we got there around 5:30, and had the joint to ourselves. By the time I left an hour and a half later, most of the tables were full. So word has obviously gotten around about Fiorella.
I was there to try Fiorella’s pizza. Fiorella’s is the newest (I think – it’s getting hard to keep up) pizzeria in our area using a wood-fired oven. I would’ve wanted to try it eventually in any event, but what especially intrigued me was Fiorella’s statement that it uses “naturally leavened” dough. I quote from their website: “our dough is made with organic flour, water and sea salt only and naturally leavened for better health.”
I’m not convinced that those ingredients lead to better health, but as a home baker of sourdough bread, I was intrigued by the “naturally leavened” aspect. From what our server told me, I gathered that Fiorella uses something along the lines of pâte fermentée, which basically involves saving a bit of dough from each batch, every time you bake, to get the next batch started. That’s a little different from a traditional sourdough, where you keep a starter on hand, “feed” it on a regular basis, and take some as needed. At some point, …read more

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