Review: Trader Joe’s Pizza Dough – Garlic & Herb

Trader Joe’s is a great store for many reasons, but primarily for the gourmet offerings at discount pricing.

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I’ve heard good reports about their ready-to-bake pizza dough, so I recently bought two packages (16 ounces each). I put the regular dough into my freezer, and selected the Garlic and Herb variety to make the first pizza.

The package advised to take the dough out of the refrigerator 20 minutes before use, but I let it sit all day at room temp. And, rather than bake at 425 per instructions, I baked it for about 8-9 minutes at 550 degrees on my Baking Steel.

On top, I added a ball of fresh mozzarella, one thinly sliced jalapeno pepper, and some Hormel pepperoni. For the sauce, I used a can of diced tomatoes (drained) mixed with thin slices of fresh garlic.


The crust had a greenish tint from the garlic/herb flavoring, but otherwise the pie baked up to a beautifully puffy and browned appearance, with some nice char underneath. However, I was disappointed in both the flavor and texture.

Out of the oven

The crust lacked substance, in the same way as supermarket “Italian” bread. It was short on flavor, and it was too soft on the interior, without any al dente chew. It was not as good as the crust on the “Trader Giotto” frozen pies also available at Trader Joe’s.

For price and convenience, this dough is a decent value. But after that first pizza, I was left feeling that …read more

Source:: Pizza Quixote