The Fast Food Restaurants You Should Be Watching in 2015


It may be challenging to think about McDonald’s outside the incessant all-day-breakfast chatter right now, but allow us to put things in some context. Frankly, McDonald’s is in trouble, and has been for a while. After posting losses for multiple quarters, ousting its CEO, and making some limp attempts at brand reinvention, the ailing giant announced a turnaround plan in May. The plan was, roughly: “Stop losing money.”

For decades, Mickey D’s and its cohort have reigned supreme in the travel plazas and strip malls of America, from sea to deep-fried sea. But as these elder statesmen struggle to connect with consumers (Dominos: “Our pizza sucks!” Wendy’s: “We’re not McDonald’s!” Arbys: “We have meat!”), other chains have moved to fill the vacuum.

We’d like to talk about the up-and-comers and the rapid expanders. Which of these chains is Ray Kroc circa 1955, poised to change the fast food conversation for good? Some of them are new, with the earth-moving ambition of Silicon Valley startups, while others have modestly done their thing for decades—but recently hit their stride. We’ve got some chains that embrace sustainable sourcing, others that focus on healthfulness, and still others that just want to make a better burger.

Without further ado, here is our list of the fast food chains you should be watching right now:*

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Five Guys Burgers and Fries
Five Guys actually is run by five guys—five brothers, to be precise—who started a burger shack in Virginia in the late ’80s. The chain has a reputation for being slow to change, a strategy that hasn’t seemed to dent its armor. …read more

Source:: Bon Appetit