Review: Louisa’s Pizza & Pasta – Crestwood (Chicago) IL

Growing up in New Jersey, I developed a natural affinity for pizza with a thin, crisp, and sturdy crust. Sometimes, a puffy thick-crusted Sicilian pie would be a nice variation. Years later, I had my first taste of Chicago-style deep dish, first at Armand’s in Washington DC, then at Pizzeria Uno (or Due) in Chicago. I loved it, because hey, pizza!

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I confess though, as years rolled by, I became an east-coast pizza snob and particularly scornful of Chicago deep-dish. That was likely due to the generally insipid rendering of deep-dish pie by Pizzeria Uno, which had grown into a national chain. And in hindsight, that would be like sampling Pizza Hut and declaring that NY pizza is second-rate. The big chains cannot fairly represent any one style of pizza, even as the current version of Uno deep-dish is really not bad (see THIS review).

I loved Jon Stewart’s rant about Chicago deep-dish, in which he tabbed it “tomato soup in a bread bowl.” I did get a chance to sample a slice of Giordano’s pizza that a family member brought back from Chicago, and it was wretched. My anti-deep-dish bias was confirmed.

A slice at Louisa’s

With an occasional need to travel to central Illinois, I’ve found myself coming in to Midway and renting a car to drive south. In Bloomington, I had good thin-crust pie from Monical’s and decent stuff from Rosati’s (both local chains). I had spectacular party-cut bar pie at Lucca Grill, too. Closer to Midway, I had best-of-class bar pie at Vito & Nick’s. On my latest pass through the South end …read more

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