Review: Kate & Al’s Pizza Pies – Columbus Farmers Market Pizza, Part One

In the parts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania near Philadelphia, there remain some large shopping complexes that are – more or less – the precursor to malls. They are an old-fashioned concept, combining farmers’ market, flea market, and independent shops selling cheap goods or repair services. One of the biggest was the A slice at Kate and Al’s. Click any pic to enlarge.

One of the best remaining is Roots Country Market in Lancaster County, which is also home to the fantastic Norma’s Pizza. Delaware County is home to Booth’s Corner Farmer’s Market, which has a wonderful counterspace spot called Cajun Kate’s. All of these places feature long, narrow buildings typically built from cinder block. You’ll find an antique dealer next to an Amish bakery next to a vacuum repair shop next to a fried chicken stand next to a store full of date-expired foods.
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The Produce Building

One of the biggest is Columbus Farmer’s Market, just a little bit south of Trenton, but clearly in a part of South Jersey that remains rural. I last visited there in the 1970s, but I have a distinct memory of enjoying a rectangular slice of pizza there. I had been hearing a lot of good things about Kate and Al’s, so I found a sunny Saturday in November to pay a visit.

Scenes inside the Columbus Market

The indoor stores are arranged in a large U shape. Kate and Al’s Pizza Pies anchors the Southern end, and Pete’s Pizza is the bookend to the North. Both offer similar thick square slices; …read more

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