Manspreading Is a Problem. Man Spread Doesn’t Have to Be


Manspreading is when a guy, oblivious to those around him, takes up more than his fair share of space on public transportation—most frequently by sitting with his legs splayed wide open, spanning two or more seats. (We should note: women can be guilty of manspreading, too.) A lively discussion around the office water cooler (okay, around a giant chocolate babka) about the injustices of manspreading got us thinking: What if manspreading, like the man bun, could evolve into a food? If man spread were actually edible, what would it look like? How would it taste? Here’s what our staff thinks. Just…open your mind for this one.

It’d Be Cheesy
Man spread would be “Philly cheesesteak, piled high with meat and cheese spread, on a split-top submarine roll (get it?),” says Kurt Soller, features editor. Elizabeth Jaime, associate photo editor, says man spread would bring the funk with blue: “It’s messy buffalo wings dipped in blue cheese sauce.”

We’re sorry we ruined nachos for you. Photo: Alex Lau

…and Oozy
Asks Chris Morocco, senior food editor: “Could it possibly be anything OTHER than a super oozy queso that starts with a few glugs of beer and ends with a congealed unsightly mess all over your kitchen?” Digital art director Alicia Brooks agrees, pinning nachos to our proverbial brainstorming bulletin board: “No end, no beginning—just oozing.”

Messy. So Messy.
Man spread is, according to assistant to the editor Emma Wartzman, “Definitely a late night dollar slice. There is no way to eat it neatly because it is so wide and the crust is just not supportive enough. Like, it’s hard to hold it up and simultaneously take a neat bite, ’cause it keeps flopping around and the cheese is kind of falling off of it…you know?” Oh, …read more

Source:: Bon Appetit