Review: Pete’s Pizza – Columbus Farmers Market Pizza, Part Two

The A slice at Kate and Al’s. Click any pic to enlarge.

A slice at Pete’s Pizza

The indoor stores are arranged in a large U shape. Kate & Al’s Pizza Pies anchors the Southern end. I happened to enter at the North side and saw Pete’s Pizza, buzzing with customers. I went first to Kate & Al’s, then returned to Pete’s to sample a slice there.

Pete’s, like Kate & Al’s, sells rectangular pizza, baked in pan, whole or by the slice. In fact, both places seem to have a single origin. One web reviewer reports that this style of pizza has been served at Columbus Market for more than fifty years. Apparently Pete’s Pizza preceded – and led to – Kate & Al’s:

Pete came from Hungary and wanted to start a business. A pizza restaurant seemed the only thing he could afford, but he did not know how to make pizza. So, he just started experimenting and kept notes on everything he did. He said, “The secret to great pie is to experiment, keep notes and develop a feel for the dough and the sauce. A recipe only gets you so far. To make outstanding pizza you need passion.”

Pete was a perfectionist and a very friendly guy. He started selling pizzas at Columbus Market in the 1950s and later sold the business to a relative who re-named it Kate & Al’s. Pete taught several customers that were active in their churches how to make pizza so they would have something good for the teens. In the 1960s Pete opened up again at the other end of the market.

And I found that the pizza in both places was quite similar, with a …read more

Source:: Pizza Quixote