Pizza Hut has rolled out yet another of its pizza crust innovations: Garlic Knot Crust. It looks even more glorious than it sounds

If only we Americans could get a piece of the even zanier British version: Hash Brown Stuff Crust pizza

Just in case you can’t wait for Pizza Hut to delivery a garlic knot crust pizza, you can make a pizza in a cup in 2 minutes


If you can only wait 2 minutes to get pizza, perhaps you have a clinically diagnosed cheese addiction

The pizza rat was awesome, no doubt. But it was spontaneous and nobody knew it was going to go viral. Staged pizza rat videos, like this ‘pizza snow rat”, is just taking it too far

Plays can be boring. Plays where they pass out free pizza from Artichoke Basille? Now that’s definitely a needed improvement

When Chet Faker was locked indoors last week because of Snowstorm Jonas, he wrote on twitter: “Bit a snow and ya boy cant get no pizza.” Wallowing in sadness, he wrote this song:

The New York Times was out with a great story about Pizza Veterano, a pizza shop in Kiev, Ukraine that only hires war vets. According to the article, “The pizzas are made in the Ukrainian style, heaped with bacon and onions.” Is there anything that doesn’t get better with bacon? One patron had an opinion about it: “‘We are Ukrainians,’ Mr. Ostaltsev, a machine-gunner in the army, said of the bacon overkill on most toppings. ‘The more the better’”

Is this the best pizza box ever or what? While only at QuikTrip right now, we’re hoping this gets rolled out across the country

<img src="https://fortheloveofpizza.files.wordpress.com/2016/01/pizza-box-main.png?w=500" alt="pizza box …read more

Source:: For The Love of Pizza