The Perfect Pizza Baking Surface, Found.

As I suspect is true of more than a few of my readers, I not only love to eat pizza, I love to bake it at home. And an ongoing quest among home pizza bakers is to find the ultimate cooking surface, on which to bake your pizza, so as to come as close as possible to what you would get from a professional oven.
For some time now, I’ve been using unglazed quarry tiles. I liked them a lot, and in fact I’ve recommended them here before. But — I’ll spare you the details — I recently had to use them to elevate my new water heater off my basement floor. So it was time for a new solution.
If I could have, I simply would’ve replaced those tiles; they worked very well. But the place where I’d bought them no longer sold them, and I could find no easy source for new ones. It appeared that I could order a box of 50 from a big-box store for about $50, which would essentially give me a lifetime supply, but I thought, there has to be a better way.
One of the latest materials to come into vogue for a home-oven baking surface is steel. It conducts and retains heat well, it doesn’t absorb moisture, it won’t crack, and is supposed to produce tremendous results.
It’s easy enough to find these online. But the cost can run to well over $100, before shipping. You can find cheaper ones, but they’re typically thin. I’ve seen one online that’s only $30, but if I read the description correctly, it’s one-tenth of an inch thick. You may as well use an aluminum cookie sheet.
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