This Week: Pizza Campaign Finance, New Emily Location, and More

For those of us who vote based on how much we are bribed with pizza, this report is an amazingly helpful guide. According to the below “pizza pie” chart, Hilary is outspending her rivals on both sides of the aisle by almost 3x. Carly Fiorina on the other hand….good luck getting our vote after spending nothing on pizza. Check out the full story where you can see exactly where each candidate ordered from in case you want to vote based on your alignment with their pizza ordering preferences rather than just pure spending.


Have you ever gotten out of the New York City subway and thought to yourself, “I can’t wait to have pizza, I MUST know where the closest pizza shop is!”? Well, Thrillist has solved your pizza-craving needs by making this brilliant Manhattan Pizza Slice Subway Map. We’ll be waiting patiently for the Brooklyn version

Pizza Subway Map.jpg

This new Amazon Echo feature that allows you to order Domino’s pizza by voice makes us wonder: Is ordering Domino’s by pizza emoji no longer the fastest way to get a pie to your door?

To all the rabid fans of Brooklyn’s Emily (us included), they will now be serving square pies in a new Williamsburg location called Emily Squared. Stay tuned for a review and comparison to our favorite square from Prince Street Pizza.

If you didn’t already have a million reasons to hate Chicago-style pizza yet, here’s another one: It is annoying to take your kids to eat it as a parent since the wait time is up to 45 minutes just to get a pie. Meanwhile, you will get the pleasure of hearing about how hungry …read more

Source:: For The Love of Pizza