Review: Milito’s Bar-Ristorante-Pizzeria, Downingtown PA

The hottest current pizza trend is Burg’s Pie at Milito’s. Click to enlarge

Most rare, though, and hence still most precious, are those “one of a kind places” making bar pies, pan pizza, or a unique version of NY, Trenton, New Haven, or other regional style of pizza. One way or another, these are the old-school pizzas that I call American Pie.

We heard about a “Pittsburgh” style pizza and set out to investigate. Milito’s Bar-Ristorante-Pizzeria in Downingtown PA is housed in a beautifully restored and converted stone mill, and the ambiance is first rate. Even on a week night, both the restaurant and large bar area were packed with happy patrons.

There are several pizza options on the large menu, but we targeted the “Burg’s Original,” which we ordered with pepperoni and roasted red peppers. This pie features “unique dough, red sauce, and a special blend of cheese that creates a one of kind taste.” This large personal-sized pizza is modestly priced at $11, and available for just $5 at happy hour.

To round out our meal, we also ordered a salad with roasted beets (a worthy menu holdover item from the previous Barra Rossa restaurant here) and Linguine Bolognese. Both of these were very good, but our focus here is the pizza.

Owner Joe Milito hails from Pittsburgh, and like most of us, he carries a memory of the favorite pizza of his formative years.

The pizza ovens

For Joe, that pizza came from P&M Pizza, a bar in Arnold PA near Pittsburgh. Much like the magical Midwestern pies at Rubino’s in Columbus OH, the dough goes …read more

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