Meet Siggi of Siggi’s Dairy (He’s a Real Person!)


You know Siggi’s. One of the first commercially available brands of skyr, Siggi’s Dairy burst on the scene in 2006, shaking up the yogurt scene as we knew it—and giving Greek yogurt a run for its money. But wait. Did you know Siggi is a real person? Unlike the Betty Crockers and Aunt Jemimas of the food world, Siggi Hilmarsson is an actual man with a passion for thick, Icelandic-style yogurt. Here’s what we learned from the man behind the yogurt.

Were you born in Iceland?
I was; I didn’t move here until I went to grad school at Columbia to get my MBA. I wound up with a job in management consulting in NYC. Really fell in love with New York, but I didn’t quite find myself fitting in in the corporate world. I have a hard time doing stuff “just because.”

So how did that translate into a yogurt-making gig?
I had started making the yogurt on the side. I hated the food we ate in Iceland, growing up as a kid. It was a classic Nordic, Scandinavian diet; lots of root vegetables, fish and potatoes, dense rye bread. When you’re 12 you want pizza, pasta, burgers, and macaroni. But it changed my palate. Fast-forward several years and I’m living here. I understood that the food was inherently different from the food in Iceland, but especially in regards to sugar. There was so much sugar in so many things, including yogurt. Some brands had the same amount of sugar as a can of soda.

A lot of these brands worked under the presumption that people felt like they should be eating yogurt, but didn’t actually like it. So it was masked with sweet flavors, like red velvet cake, key lime pie. “It’s yogurt, but it’s really cake!” I started making …read more

Source:: Bon Appetit