Pizzarelli: The Best Slice in Dominican Republic?

Fish, rice, beans and mofongo are common finds in the Dominican Republic. But finding pizza reminiscent of a slice you’d spot back home? Much less likely. Which is why when I came across Pizzarelli pizzeria that claimed it served the “best slice in DR,” and it appeared it could hold up, I obviously had to test it.

The truth? It was pretty darn delicious. (And don’t worry — there are menus in English should you want to get more venturous than ordering just a slice.)
Harrison and I took a welcome break from touring to sit overlooking Parque Colon, around the corner from one of the oldest streets in the New World (Calle Las Damas). As we snacked on hot slices we plotted our next few hours of exploration, inspired by Columbus himself.

When Columbus set foot in Santo Domingo in late 1400, it was an entirely different place and there was certainly no pizzeria (Pizzarelli was founded in 1982, for the record). But wouldn’t Christopher have loved the surprise of a meal reminiscent of home after his long Atlantic journey? Well I can speak for myself when I tell you that finding pizza in a far off locale always elicits a thrill. Plus it makes you realize that pizza truly IS a universal food.

Anyway, back to the question at hand: Was this pizza truly the best in the West? I can’t say with certainty, since I only had one slice during our entire trip, but it definitely was worth the visit. The crust was better than you’d expect at a chain (we passed two other locations and turns out there are several more).

The dough tasted homemade and hand-pressed since there was inconsistent thickness near the crust that gave it authenticity. The sauce was especially robust and tasty, accentuated …read more

Source:: For The Love of Pizza