Letchworth Pines

After driving by it countless times, I finally stopped into Letchworth Pines recently. It’s just south of Letchworth State Park, where I hike on occasion. From the sign out in front, I’ve known for a long time that they serve pizza, but I’ve just never had a good opportunity to stop in. By the time I’m done with a hike, I generally want to get home and take a shower.
This past Valentine’s Day, though, I was returning home with my wife and daughter from visiting my mom, who lives in the Southern Tier. And it was about lunchtime, so this gave me the opportunity I was looking for.
Letchworth Pines is a bar/restaurant/bowling alley, the kind of place you find in places like Portageville, which, at least to an outsider, seems like more of a dot on the map than an actual community.
But clearly there is a community around here, as evidenced by the number of vehicles in the parking lot when we pulled in at about 1 p.m. Obviously there was some truth, at least that day, to Letchworth Pines’ slogan on their website, that it’s “the place to go … when you’re going out!”
On entering, I found a large room with a long bar along the far wall, a pool table to the right, and a raised dining area to our left. Off in the distance came the sounds of the bowling alley, which is separate from but adjoins the bar.
There were a few patrons at the bar, and a group of people in matching t-shirts shooting pool. The place had a countryish feel, with wood paneling (pine, I presume) throughout. Several large flat-screen TVs behind the bar were showing college basketball. We seated ourselves at a booth near the front window.
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Source:: Rochester NY Pizza