This Week: Rihanna’s Portrait on Pizza and Free Pizza on Leap Year

What do you do if you have two really good, but unrelated skills? Well, you mash them together and make them related against all logic, of course! And what are the two greatest skills that Italians have developed over centuries? Pizza and art, obviously! Matteo Marchello Leccese was good at both of these, so he thought, “why not draw portraits on pizza?” When we first saw the results of his experiment, we sincerely thought that the pizzas must have been photoshopped. Once we enlisted Google Translate on this Italian article though, we found out it was for real! You can see all of his work on Instagram, but we especially loved the Bob Marley, Rihanna, and Pulp Fiction creations below:

Pulp Fiction Pizza Portrait

Domino’s nails every car commercial platitude in the book in this hilarious car ad spoof. “Time to imagine…the unimaginable…reimagined…” LOL. Check it out:

Getting high and eating pizza gets new meaning as Illinois’ Aurelio’s Pizza sets the record for highest (altitude) delivery by walking a steaming pie to the top of the Hancock Tower. Take the elevator and meet you at the top?

Our list of pizza spots to visit in Philly keeps getting longer, and after seeing the video of Pizzeria Beddia’s Joe Beddia cook up his pies, we definitely need to go, stat! Bon App is calling his pizza the best in America and in Andrew Knowlton’s review, he says that it was “one of those beautiful eating experiences that still haunts me.”

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Source:: For The Love of Pizza