A San Francisco Pizza Odyssey


My recent trip to San Francisco was abbreviated by a nasty cold, which sadly ate into my precious pizza time. I was bummed about not hitting all the pizzerias on my list, but upon inspection of my photos I realized I quite a few. The Bay Area is one of my top locales for pizza in the entire country because of its variety and quality. Check out these beauties and see for yourself, then go eat them.

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210 11th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Una Pizza Napoletana is a special place. It used to be in NYC but moved to the west coast a few years back. This was my first visit since that move. The man at the helm is Anthony Mangieri, whose attention to detail is incredible. He’s going for a product that’s as true to pizza’s origin as possible. That means limitations on ingredients and toppings. There are only five pizzas on the menu (six on Saturdays) and the dough is made from only flour, water, salt, and yeast. Anthony uses no commercial yeast, so this is 100% natural fermentation. The flavor is outstanding. The mozzarella is cut into small strips, just like most pizzerias in Naples. I didn’t get a clear read on the tomato because the olive oil was so strong, but they definitely fit the pie. On this particular day, Anthony was using a California oil that had a bold flavor. I liked it a lot, but the edge crust was a bit overwhelming compared to the rest of the pie and it seemed a little undercooked. Even so, this was a tasty pizza that exists in a different category from all the other pizzas I ate in San Francisco.


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