NEPA Has the Best Pizza in the World

NEPA Has the Best Pizza in the World!

Several months back, a publishing company out of London, Phaidon, reached out to me because they recognized Northeast Pennsylvania as an area with a high concentration of great pizza and an extension of the “Pizza Belt.” Phaidon needed some help in finding a variety of the best pizzerias in the area and asked for my opinions and for me to assemble a team of a dozen great pizza minds in NEPA. I took this task very seriously and reached out to a few pizza critics and trusted pizza minds to make their suggestions directly to Phaidon. We were all required to submit information about each pizzeria and why we thought it was deserving of making the list of great pizzas from New York to Chicago and From Tokyo to Naples.

The suspense to which pizzerias were selected from our task force has been killing me for months, but the wait is finally over! I received a mysterious package on my front door one day which I had no idea what it was because I hadn’t ordered anything online. I opened it up to find that it was my advance copy of “Where to Eat Pizza – The Expert’s Guide to the Best Pizza Places in the World.” Being the biggest pizza nerd I know, I held the book in silence for an extended period of time in disbelief that it had arrived (I know, I’m lame!). I quickly leafed through to find that seven pizzerias in the 570 had been deemed worthy of acceptance into this pizza bible of sorts. The pizzerias named are as follows: