This Week: New Frappuccino Flavor, a Handsome Man Ate a Sandwich, and Food Delivery Gets Disrupted (Again)

There’s a lot that goes on in the food world every week, and like an ice cream cone on a summer day, it can melt away before you have time to enjoy it all. So we’ve rounded up the week’s most eye-catching food stories so you can stay relevant *and* exceptionally handsome, so pull out a chair and grab a plate—you’re at the adult table now. Welcome to Leftovers.

For a limited time starting this week, Starbucks is debuting a Cherry Blossom Frappuccino (actually, it’s strawberries and cream and neither cherry nor blossom in any way other than clever coloring). So let your yoga-mat-holding friends in leggings and messy buns know that there are no calories in seasonal, limited edition Fraps—a little something we call the McRib Principle.

We hope you enjoyed your lunch, Mr Prime Minister, @JustinTrudeau. pic.twitter.com/JxJKOoFZBW

— Mile End Deli (@mileenddeli) March 17, 2016

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada and of my dreams, stopped by Mile End deli on a trip to New York this week, likely to try a sandwich and because he was unable to find my home address. Text me! While there, two men got on their knees and begged Trudeau to run in the U.S. Presidential election. But as expected, he played hard to get. Do you think he’ll text me back? I’ll ask him what he’s up to this weekend and then ignore his reply. Now I’m the one in control.

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Source:: Bon Appetit