Primanti Bros – Dickson City

New Primanti Bros in Dickson City Draws a Crowd and Serves a Pizza

So admittedly, I’m not a “touristy” type of person who likes to go where the crowds go and flock to the latest restaurant opening as I’m not a big fan of lines or crowds. But when the First Lady told me that Primanti Bros was open and they also had pizza, I felt an obligation to get there and let the NEPA Nation know how the pizza is, even though you’re probably going there to try a sandwich, and probably not the pizza. I also felt obligated to get out of my review funk and bring you some new content! For the record, I’ve tried a Primanti sandwich once before out in Pittsburgh nearly a decade ago and I thought it was pretty decent, but the fries on the sandwich were more of a novelty to me at that time, but I figured it has been a while, so let’s try again!

We showed up just before the lunch rush, so there was no wait to get a table although the place was busy. As I looked around, I thought the place was pretty cool with the memorabilia covering the walls, huge flat screen TV’s everywhere, and a really awesome square bar with a fire pit in the middle. We took a look at the menu to find that there was much more to this place than just sandwiches with fries and slaw on them. There were pizza, burgers, appetizers, and more. I also felt that the prices were very fair, I wouldn’t call them cheap, but certainly fair for the portion sizes I saw on every one’s plates. Of course, I was shooting for a pizza, but with …read more