Book Review: Cure Back Pain

This is a non-pizza-related post, but I couldn’t pass this up.
I have back pain, my wife has back pain, most of us, eventually, have back pain. So I readily accepted a review copy of Cure Back Pain by Jean Fran├žois Harvey. It’s a guide to “80 personalized easy exercises for spinal training to improve posture, eliminate tension & reduce stress.”

I’m a skeptic, in general, so I’m not apt to believe in every health claim that comes along. By the same token, I think we’re an overmedicated society. I don’t think I should have to take a pill every time my back hurts.
It also seems reasonable to me to believe that the right kind of exercise can alleviate a lot of common back pain. There’s nothing unconventional about the idea of physical therapy. And that’s basically what this book is about – creating a simple, safe program of physical therapy that almost anyone can carry out at home, to improve or maintain back health.
The author, an osteopath and kinesiologist, has been studying back-related issues for over 25 years, and it shows. The first hundred pages of the book comprise an explanation of what causes back pain, and what can be done to address it. I found that alone very useful, to help me understand my back better.

I was pleased to see that the book doesn’t make outrageous or questionable claims. The author doesn’t claim that back exercises can cure diseases, nor does he get into truly unconventional medicine; there are no crystals involved here, no chakras, none of that. Harvey also acknowledges the importance of seeing a physician for diagnostic purposes, and informs the reader what symptoms require immediate medical attention.
The second part of the book, running to 150 or so pages, …read more

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