Schiano’s, Alexander Street

I heard an ad on the radio recently for a new pizzeria, Schiano’s, on Alexander Street, which occupies the former site of the Alexander Street Pontillo’s, just north of East Avenue.
First chance I got, I went over at lunchtime for a slice. The slices were quite large, so I just got one, a pepperoni slice. (The only other option at the time was plain cheese.)
The pie had recently come out of the oven, but I asked for it to be rewarmed. I’ve found that in general, that’s a good thing to do.
The crust was thin, just a little browned underneath, but crackly. I usually consider surface crackling a good thing, but in this case the crust tended to separate horizontally into two layers, which is not such a good thing. I like a nice mix of chewiness and crunchiness, but the crust should also be a unified whole.
The cornicione was narrow, not too thick, but bubbly, and had a breadlike flavor and aroma. Overall, the slice was marked by an aroma of garlic and tomatoes, reminiscent of a slow-cooked spaghetti sauce. The sauce was mildly flavored, not particularly sweet or salty, and I mostly noticed the garlic in the aroma, rather than on my tastebuds.
The cheese was quite melted, almost semi-liquid. I’m sure the reheating had something to do with that. I liked it, but it was a little gloppy. I’m sure John Kasich would’ve used a fork on this one.
Schiano’s pizza comes in three sizes (14″ medium, 16″ large and sheet) with 15 available toppings and . They offer five specialty pizzas, including the “Schiano Special,” described as “our take on an old fashion Margherita pizza.” I’m curious to know what their “take” is on a Margherita. They also do stromboli, salads, “plates,” …read more

Source:: Rochester NY Pizza